Complaint Against a Service

Waialae Dental Care

So disappointed in this facility. I was told over the phone that I would be charged $35 today for an exam and x rays.

The lady said that if they did any minimal work (I assumed a cleaning) that it could go up to about $88 for the basics and I would be provided with a breakdown before they did anything that went over that.

So when I got here and checked in, the receptionist told me I would be paying MINIMUM $100 plus tax just to be seen. And that any x rays or cleaning would be extra.

I explained that this is different from what I was told on the phone, and she pretty much told me I was either going to pay the extra money or be SOL. Keep in mind, they knew I had a cracked tooth and needed to be seen ASAP. So this was a clear attempt at trying to hustle more money out of me in desperation.

I asked her to please check with the woman I spoke to on the phone. She left for a moment, came back, and told me that the other lady told me that it would be $100 minimum.

This was a blatant lie. I had the notes from the entire conversation. I wrote everything down as we were discussing it.

For a moment I thought, am I in the wrong place? I pulled up the website. Sure enough, right location. And funny enough on their home page they had the $35 price for the exam and x rays. Exactly what I was told on the phone, exactly what I came here for.

And I confronted the receptionist and she instantly looked guilty. She refused to honor the price and told me that I needed to pay $100 to be seen and that I didn’t have much choice since I needed to be seen right away for my broken tooth.

Well, I did have a choice. I had the choice to walk out and never return to your establishment. I don’t deal with liars and scammers, and sadly that is what this facility proved itself to be today.

I would rather be in pain than spend one dime enabling a facility that scams our military families or any hard working family for that matter. I will make sure every friend, colleague, and service member I know stay clear of you.

(808) 732-4377
3270 Waialae Ave Honolulu, HI, 96816