Complaint Against a Service United States

Walgreen’s Pharmacy and Store Manager / Amlodipine 2.5

I was offered and approved years ago for the drug program. RX #[protected]. I used my Medicaid card to enroll for discount prescription for blood pressure medications. I changed from CVS when I was offered your drug program for $25 periodic payments for the service. I have been very, very pleased with the staff and prescriptions, until today. I went to the Rite Aid close to my home in the Rose Hill shopping center. They could not find my information and I called the King Street store. I was told by King Street pharmacy employee that Rite Aid Pharmacy could not honor the same price because they were not yet a part of the program offered by the King Street location. This while I was standing in the Rite Aid store. As I was leaving, I received a call from the King Street employee to say that I was not eligible for the discount program I have had for years, because I did not meet the qualifications and was being cancelled.

I called the manager of the King Street Store to ask if I could continue to receive the service for the period for which I had paid. He called back to say that the service had been cancelled and could not be used. He quoted the amount I had saved over the years. He then mentioned I was lucky. Walgreens was not going after me for the savings amount I received from the service I had been given. I was advised not to ask for a refund for any time I had left in the plan for which I had paid. A threat. I asked him about the other possible customer’s reaction to being cancelled as I was, which was the stores pharmacy’s fault. Clearly not mine. They made the offer, approved me and continually requested and received $25 payments for the prescription plan.

I cannot believe this has happened after years in using the service. The response/threat from the store manager was uncalled for and clearly not thought through. I don’t want to continue in this drug program. You may have lost a customer. Be advised that you may have similar complaints from your other customers that were wronged by Walgreens, 

La Quita A. Pinkston