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I had my physician send a new Rx to my preferred Walgreens pharmacy, I have used their services for more than a year without issue prior to this occurrence. The Rx was not in stock and was needed to be ordered. I was informed on Wednesday that the Rx would be processed for ordering, I explained that I would pay cash price for the Rx. I called the pharmacy on Thursday to check the status and was informed at that time that the Rx had not been ordered because the pharmacist had not yet cleared it. I was promised that an “additional” order would be placed for the Rx to prevent any further delay in getting the Rx in a timely manner. On Friday, I went into the pharmacy after being placed on a non ending hold by phone. I was informed that the Rx would be $200+ and I made it very clear that I was going to pay full price, no insurance. Then the pharmacy tech and pharmacist proceed to tell me that the Rx is out of stock and ask would I like them to order it. AN ORDER WAS NEVER PLACED PRIOR! I have hypothyroidism and certain formulations of my Rx require frequent adjustment and generic Rx do not work for my condition. To find out that a medically necessary prescription is being delayed on behalf of the negligence of the staff is extremely disappointing. For this reason I am filing a complaint. All I asked for was sufficient communication and in return I was lied to and now have to find another pharmacy with more competent staff.

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