Complaint Against a Service

Walmart Money Card – Visa Prepaid Card Through Ge Money Bank And Green Dot Corp


However, when it was time to use the card for purchases, detailed activation instructions were found on the *inside* of the packaging, where you find that you need your receipt, which lists the activation code. If the instructions were on the outside, so many people wouldn’t be in this run-around situation. ..

or maybe that is that the point–letting people put money on a card that they’ll never be able to use…eventually, the monthly finance charges will go to the company, so they’ll have your money anyway.

The company is rather unreachable, even though they provide two customer service phone numbers and a mailing address. Live people do not man the customer service lines, nor is there a section to contact the customer service department on their site.

If you do not have an activation code, the automated phone service is a bust (you can’t get past the first step without the code). Pressing zero does not connect you to a live representative.

Although Walmart can assist you in reprinting your receipt (with activation code), you need to provide the exact date of purchase, or the register number, or cashier, etc.

When your money is concerned, keeping customers at this distance is unacceptable.

1 866 795 7597

3465 E Foothill Blvd. Pasadena California United States – 91107-6071