Complaint Against a Service

Walmart Stores / online order cancelled without cause

I placed an order online for a Huawei P20 Pro $789 only to have it canceled without cause siting my “credit card information was invalid” but upon checking my online banking and discussing with my bank- the charge was put through.

As soon as I received the cancellation notice I went back online to see the price for exact same phone had gone up by $400.

Spoke to customer service twice and was simply told my refund would process in 3-5 business days and by all means, go order again and pay by credit card and someone should adjust the cost back to the $789.

They would not pass me through to a supervisor. Sent email complaint and got scripted response telling me the refund will process in 3-5 days with no resolution as to how I might actually purchase the phone at $789 price.

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San Bruno, CA
United States – CA94066
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