Complaint Against a Service

Walmart Stores — The “whole” store, but mainly the grocery dept.

I am a consumer and vendor for this Walmart, and would like to remain anonymous.
I work on the weekends in the grocery department and almost every Sunday, the shelves are pretty much empty. It is really embarrassing to walk into a store where you work and see so many bare shelves. Whenever I ask a few of the employees why it’s like this, they say because of “management” and that they can only do so much by themselves. The customers complain to me or have the look of discussed and just shake their heads and say, “This is why I hate coming in here (the shelves are always empty”! And, it is always filthy. I think it is sad that a families have to come to shop on Sundays (after church, a lot of them) and can’t find a lot of the stuff they need to start their weeks off with.
I have even seen carts full of merchandise (returns, I suspect) with melting ice cream, and complained, and the next day, it would still be in the grocery area.
Not only is the store dirty, the women’s bathroom is usually broken and filthy. The poor janitors work as hard as they can, but they have a lot to do with little or no help.
The kitchen areas are nasty and hard to work in, there is really no excuse for things to be like this, as far as I am concerned. I think if some of the customers were to go back there (especially produce and meat depts.), they would be absolutely disgusted and probably would not shop there. I’m only there because I have to work there!
As a vendor, working back in the warehouse is horrible. Junk is everywhere and nobody seems to care! I work at several of the Walmarts in town, and none as bad as this one. The other stores kitchens are also pretty clean and I don’t mind using their sinks and/or work areas.
I like my job and do not wish to lose it due to this complaint, but this should be brought to someones attention and management is not the one to talk to (in my view, because some do not seem to give a flip).