Complaint Against a Service


I went to this Walmart today because I was in the area and it was really convenient to the place that I was going. I usually go to their Keeaumoku location.

This downtown location is very different from the other locations. It really caters to the walk-in customers. There’s two entrances to the store which makes the store layout very confusing.

I was not a walk in customer and I had to park in the parking lot. The parking lot is very easy to find and it was quite full. My mission today was just to return a Halloween costume that I bought my daughter that didn’t fit. I thought I would just be in and out. That was not the case.

The parking elevators lead to the back of the store. It’s like everything is all turned around. All the cashiers and customer service desks are at the wall in the entrance.

They only had self-service check out stands at the entrance I came in. So I started walking around trying to find some cashier. I found one in cosmetics and she said I could t return it to her. That I would have to go all the way across the store to return my costume.

So I finally get there and there is a line. There’s one person at the counter and two other people standing around behind the counter. The lady that serviced me was very nice and worked quickly but the problem I had was with the parking.

I asked her if she would validate my parking and she said that she doesn’t do that. She said that I needed to buy something for $20 to get validated! I figured there must be some kind of grace period so I pretty much ran out of there to get to my car as soon as possible. I was only parked one floor up from the store.

So I get to the exit and give the ticket lady my ticket and she says I owe $5!!! I’m so irritated that I had to pay $5 for parking for at most 10 minutes. What a horrible system. They really should have a grace period for parking. I don’t think that I will be visiting this store anymore.

(808) 489-9836

1032 Fort Street Mall Honolulu, HI, 96813