Complaint Against a Service United States

Warner Duritza Lowe & Glassheim, PA

Yvonne Lowe CPA Firm dishonest harasses women and shares clients information

Yvonne Lowe CPA Firm dishonest harasses women and shares clients information. Yvonne Lowe, Doug Duritza and Ira Warner in my opinion are disgusting individuals. They seem to think it is ok to screw around and or mess with people.

After all the information I have seen and heard, I can say that it is my opinion that these people are dirt bags. It is a scary thought in my opinon to think that they have had children and they are in our society.

I am here to defend others that have had the misfortune of dealing with these people. Seems to me that drinking or sucking pus from an infected butthole would have been a better option than dealing with these people and their Firm.

Plain and simple, you don’t get to play with people.

Be aware people….Warner Lott Duritza & Lowe and two of their Partners are being sued for Malpractice, unfair dealing amongst other misdeeds. One of which is for harassing a woman. Traeting her like garbage. Maybe that is how the men atthis firm treat their wives and daughters. I feel sorry for the woman associated with this Firm, whether they are employees, wives or Daughters.

I could puke in my mouth.

Country United States
State New Jersey
City Wall
Address 1600 Highway #34, Wall…. PO Box 1228
Phone (732) 280-9060