Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Watch Out For Darryl P Jones Of Cleveland

 Nik, on the outside Darryl P Jones is smooth as silk and sexy af. Even though he may be a little short. But get involved with him and you will find out what true heartbreak is. He will tell you exactly what you need to hear to get anything he wants from you. Anything. I was a fool.

Protect your heart and, if you’re smart, just bang him and leave him alone. Oh and if you plan on banging him, then don’t plan on him letting you be in control at all. And he switches up positions so much good luck on gettin yours. ? but he will last as long as you want him to. Hell he will try anything too! Get crazy!! Just for God’s sake protect your heart no matter what he says. He’s a liar and will lead you to believe that he cares. But he doesn’t. Trust me. I know. Watch out ladies. Short mixed with a bald head and tattoos.

WTF? You just probably got this guy laid without love 15x over after this submission. That’s like every dudes dream.- nik