Complaint Against a Service United States

Watch Universe USA Corp

I sent my Strumento Marino Admiral to Watch Universe to be repaired in late August 2020 and it arrived on 03 September. I sent an email to them on 09 September to make sure it arrived. After numerous follow-up emails I fianlly received a response from Eli Tapiero 13 October telling me he was waiting to be able to enter his building due to COVID which they did the week of Oct 19th. Since that time I have either heard nothing or nothing but excuses.

On October 28th I requested that the watch be sent back to me as is (broken). On Nov 4th he stated he had to order parts from Italy and that they would be taking parts off of another watch to expidite my watch repair.

On Nov 23rd responded to my status inquiry and he stated that the parts from my watch came in but he had to travel 2 hours to meet a Mr. Stuart Sklar to receive them. He said he would send me an invoice showing the repair cost but I never received that. To date I still have not receive a repair quote.

On Nov 25 he provided the following: “I just received your part yesterday afternoon, I have given the part to the watch repair center , So soon as they call me to come pick up, I will and will notify you.”

After numerous, numerous, numerous emails he stated that it was fixed. On Nov 10th he stated: “I received the watch on Sunday, Im just holding it for a few days to make sure all is well, not losing time was going to email you tomorrow, but since you emailed me now, so responding. please give me your full address, email I have it already, will send you the invoice now through shopify so you can make the payment, we will have all the information on there, any questions feel free to call em and ask.” to which I told him he still has not provide me with the repair cost.

On 29 Dec he said he “said” he sent the invoice thru shopify days ago. I never received anything from Shopify and I told him multiple times thru emails with no response.

On Jan 6 he said that he was having issues getting the invoice out through TD Bank and that he would send it via WhatsApp. Jan 7 he sent the follwing: “Hello Tim, could you please be so kind to give me your mobile number, so I can send a picture of the watch. Also please give me the address where to ship it, Im looking for the address and cant find it. Im just going to do it through paypal, TD is not being online friendly with me. How did you ship this watch, in a box” I responded the same day with all of the requested information. I also told him that yes, I sent it to him in a box. I never received a picture.

On 12 Jan I sent a follow-up email stating: “PayPal is very easy to work with. I have an account so whenever you send the invoice I can pay right away HOWEVER, at this point I’m skeptical to do so since I have not seen an invoice, repairs, estimate (which was not provided BEFORE any repairs). Truthfully, at this point I have doubts as to whether I will ever see my timepiece again (which would open up a who;e different issue)”. I have not heard from him since nor have I received a picture of my watch or the watch itself.

I sent him and email this morning (15 Jan.) telling him to send it back to me in the condition I sent it to him and that I just wanted my watch back. I also told him my next step was to go to the Florida Attorney General. After sending that email I came to this website to report this mess.

Country United States
State Florida
City Miami
Address 60 NE 1st St
Phone (305) 371-5471