Complaint Against a Service United States

Choice Home Warranty / A/C, septic, water heater

When I bought my home, I got a home warranty because my mother who is a real estate agent suggested I do, as she has had them on all her homes. I was talked into paying for 5 years and getting the sixth year free, so I spent $3400. Two years later, my compressor went out on my A/C. A tech came out and afterwards CHW called to say they would either pay $700 to replace the entire unit, or give me $700 for the repair. The cost to replace it would have been over $4500, and I didn’t have that kind of money. They told me that they would not fix the compressor, because next year the standards for freon is going to change, and you won’t be able to get the kind used in my unit anymore. After I accepted the $700 payment, I called the tech to make sure that this would cover both the part and the labor. I was told it would be FOURTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS. I called CHW immediately, and after spending an hour fighting with them, they finally agreed to pay to have it installed as well. The tech told me they had just done the same thing to an elderly woman, and only wrote a check for $700. Then, I had paid extra on my contract to cover my septic. One charge was for draining it, and one for servicing it if it needed repair. I calle 5 weeks ago to have the thing drained, and am STILL waiting. I get notifications telling me someone is coming, then they never show up. The septic is 3 feet under ground and every time it rains, which is often where I live, and CHW tells me someone is coming out, I have to drain it, and dig out the mud that has caved in. A tech finally called last night but said he wouldn’t be able to come by until “really late”. I asked how he would drain the thing after dark. He said, “We don’t drain it the first time out. We just ‘evaulate’ it, and most time, CHW doesn’t even APPROVE the job.” Last year, my A/C had an issue, and CHW couldn’t find anyone to repair it so they had to go outside their contracted technicians to find someone to repair it. They offered to pay me if I found someone to do the job, but I didn’t know of anyone and it was the middle of summer. So a tech finally came out and assessed it, and then came back to put the part in a few days later. The poor guy had to sit in his hot truck in the middle of a summer day while CHW NEGOTATIED with him and tried to get him to do the job for less. IT WAS LESS THAN $200 for the part and the labor in the first place!!! And the worst part was, he told me they had already AGREED to the price before he came out! Now, my water heater has gone out, and I am dealing with the same issue, with CHW telling me there are no technicians available in the area and offering to give me money instead. I wouldn’t mind taking the money because I am sure I could get it done much quicker, but the problem is, I did this with the A/C and it takes at least 2 weeks to get a check, and then you have to sit and worry that they are even going to follow through. I had a technician call me who was suppose to pump the septic, and he told me he would love to do the job, but he never got paid on the LAST job he did for CHW. So today I went online and I see where CHW has been sued in at least one state and ordered to pay back $800, 000 for their criminal behavior. It is SICKENING that a company can get sued like this, and just keep running the same kind of operation. Their reviews are TERRIBLE, and I only wish I had researched them before signing up. But my mother has never had ANY of these problems before, so I was not thinking I would either.