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Waurika Chamber of Commerce

I recently acquired the funding to open a restaurant in Waurika, Oklahoma. However, I was told that I needed to be a member of the chamber of commerce in order to open a new restaurant in Waurika. I was also told that the chamber of commerce would have to vote to approve my restaurant. This is the exact reason why many businesses have left Waurika and why very few ever start a business there!

Another reason is politics. When someone does start a business and they are not a member of the Chamber of Commerce, their business is slandered, defamed, laughed at, harassed by the local cops, and railroaded until the individuals who run that business are run out of town! Gang stalking is one of the tactics they use to run people out of town!

If you don’t pay dues and aren’t a member of the local Freemason lodge, you will catch hell! I recently noticed that many people in Waurika who aren’t members of the Chamber of Commerce are also gang stalked and harassed by cops! This has been going on since the 1990s and there is no end in sight! I have a list of the members of the corrupt Chamber of Commerce in Waurika if you’d like to call and tell them what you think about their railroading and gang stalking tactics.

Bill Eakin, Carter Wade, Adam Brinson, Jessica Corneilison, Carol Prewitt, Ronnie Morgan, Luke Rawlings, Emily Follis, Nell Largent, Jennifer Aldridge, Brad and Elizabeth Scott, Mike Gaines, Larry James, Gary and Becky Gerken, Gary and Sharon Duncan, Rachel Lewis, Kenny Wall, Kim Berry, Cindy Walker, Jeri Nell Mays, Darren Biby, Dan Biby, Ricky Dyer, Stephen Dyer, Gary Carter, The Englands, Stuart Ranch, Bartling Ranch, Chuck Brown, The Busby’s, Jon Wade, and Shelton Montgonery Farms. These are the people blocking new businesses from growing in Waurika. They also block marriages, they overcharge people, and they slander anyone who is not on the Chamber of Commerce!

Country United States
State Oklahoma
City Waurika
Address PO Box 366
Phone 580-228-2081