Cleveland Complain Aganist a Person

Web Blogger Darcie Lorena From FOX 8

 Nik, please expose Darcie Lorena. She is a web blogger for Fox 8 news from Ohio. She has no followers and no friends. She comes from a white supremacist family and she’s a racist bigot. In 2015, she received a tip from white police officers and posted an article on the Fox 8 news website about an interracial couple who had a minor domestic dispute like many Caucasian couples have in the area on the Fox 8 news website. She placed empathize on the couple and tried to shame them, because the male partner is a black man, and the woman is white.

Sounds like keep it on the DL must secretly love the Purple Crayon inside of her. Actually, I think 98.3% of women do… they all want to walk like John Wayne the next morning.- nik