Complaint Against a Service

After a very meticulous inspection I was told that, given that the odometer had been rolled back and that it was from Canada originally (I swear I’m not making this up), they would offer me no more than $50.

When I asked him if he was joking they told me that they thought the car was basically junk. Far from it, the car runs decently for 2000, especially with the new tires, alternator, and battery we got for it.

Those parts alone are easily worth several hundred. The only real joke here was how they conduct business. They wasted my time with a ridiculously long inspection to tell me they thought it was only good for scrap.

You’re better off donating your old car and itemizing your taxes for a tax relief, I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.

(571) 451-0588
1611 S Walter Reed Dr. Ste 201 Arlington, VA 22204 Columbia Heights