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Weight Watchers International

In January 2019, I joined WWI under a special promotion, so I could encourage my mom (already a member), as she prepared for hip surgery. Upon joining, I agreed for WWI to make (3) consecutive monthly charges to my Visa debit card in the amount of $29.96. My account was charged in January, February and March, 2019. Needless to say, I was only able to attend 1 Weight Watcher’s meeting.

In March 2019, my mother’s friend informed us that Weight Watchers had charged her credit card, without her permission, for and entire year and REFUSED to refund her. My mom then checked her statements to find charges she did not authorize either. She withdrew her membership and Weight Watchers REFUSED to refund her too. My mom went to her bank to dispute the charges. Upon learning this, I immediately called Weight Watchers and told them they were no longer allowed to charge my account. Since they did not charge my account in April 2019, I assumed the issue was resolved.

Fast forward to 2020. I am a 54yo widower with an 11yo Autistic child, work full time, and usually make plenty of money in my career. Since all my banking is online, I honestly don’t have time to review my statements. I became unemployed due to Covid-19, and am now in my 11th week of unemployment that has still not paid. When my bank account became overdrawn, the bank reversed their service charges so my account could remain at a zero balance until I had some kind of income.

In the beginning of September 2020, my bank notified me that my account was overdrawn. Confused, I called the bank and found that Weight Watchers International made an UNAUTHORIZED charge to my account in the amount of $44.95. Upon further investigation, I discovered they have been charging my account $44.95 a month, since MAY 2019!! For 15 months, Weight Watchers International has made UNAUTHORIZED charges to my account, totaling $674.25, and all because I WENT TO ONE MEETING. My bank has blocked them from making any further charges and told me to call WWI for a refund.

Today I spoke with a Weight Watchers International representative who did have a record of my phone call in March 2019, but no record of me cancelling my membership (of course!). Interestingly it took her a while to find my account because my date of birth WWI had on file was incorrect. Although the representative cancelled my account AGAIN, I was told I could not get ANY refund. I will NEVER use Weight Watchers again.

Today I went to my bank to contest the charges with Visa, and am pondering a lawsuit.

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Complaint Against a Service

Weight Watchers International

I signed up for WW Online simply to try it. Their website says that your card will not be charged during the 7 day trial period, but mine was charged on day two. This did not contribute to my overall good feelings about the company, and I decided to cancel on day five, well within the seven days.

I did this by email. I read an email back saying I was not eligible for any refund because I did not notify them of my cancellation within the seven day period, which was obviously not true.

After three emails and a phone call to customer service, they said they would indeed refund my $65, that I should not have been charged until day 7. Of course 4 days later I have seen no credit on my charge account.

I do believe that this is a calculated customer service rip-off practice on their part. Not smart, as I have been a loyal follower of WW for 20 years (in-person meetings, not online). I promise you I will NEVER darken their doors again, and I will tell everyone who will listen about their shady business practices.

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