Complaint Against a Service United States

Weinberg Campus

Read on and be forewarned…

If you are planning to have your loved one sent to this facility you better make sure you keep close tabs on how they are treated. My remarks are about the Rehabilitation section.

First, I want to say the PT staff are wonderful. They are helpful & caring. It is the floor/unit staff who are inept. The majority don’t even know the meaning of caring or are extremely bad at their job. There may be 1-2 people who are knowledgeable & kind.

Here are a few examples of the incompetence, ineptness, and total inability to provide a basic level of care:

1. You turn on your help light, you wait & wait for 30-45 minutes before anyone comes. When they do come, they quickly ask what you want. You tell them & they say I’ll be right back as they turn off you help light. Then after 5 min you turn you help light on again because no one has returned. Then when they do, they throw a blanket on your bed & expect you to fend for yourself!!

2. You turn you help light on when you are in the bathroom. No one comes for 40 min! And when they do, they give you grief!

3. The phones…. Forget it if you are trying to call the floor/unit. They either do not pick up – so it goes to Voice mail & says the mailbox is full – or it automatically disconnects!

4. If you need a minute of their time to just select the connect button on FaceTime, you need to contact the social worker who will then arrange the time for someone to help you. The employees can’t even take 1 minute of their time to help!

5. They steal your belongings. One iPhone watch and one iPhone stolen by staff.

6. AND THE TOPPER- They give their patients COVID-19. You come in & test as negative are put in a private room & then a week later you are positive!! This place is a petri dish of Covid-19.

7. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – good luck. Dinner is supposed to be served from 5pm to 7pm, yet 9pm is a common occurrence and when you get it — it’s cold. You try to get a cup of coffee and you get milk and no coffee. Lunch- maybe if you’re lucky there is enough staff that day.

Facilities like this should be closed and/or incompetent employees fired. Their knowledge & compassion is a disgrace and borderline malpractice.

We had voiced are issues with the Administration, Social Worker & Nurse Supervisor; they said they will correct the issues but they were not. For the well-being of your loved one(s) – DO NOT SEND anyone you love to Weinberg.

Country United States
State New York
City Getzville
Address 2700 N Forest Rd
Phone 1 716-639-3311