Complaint Against a Service

WellBridge of Rochester Hills

It was a really bad experience with WellBridge of Rochester Hills. The front office is to blame. They are poor communicators. The front office to the medical team to the Physical Therapy team was never on the same page.

Background: My father suffered bleeding on the brain and had limited physical ability. We have a large family support group so there was always someone at the location with my father.

We would tell the nursing staff and the Physical Therapy Team the situation but it was never recorded in my dad’s records. We would have to tell the next crew the same thing over and over.

The front office scheduled an appointment with us only to tell us what we should do when he leaves. What? He just arrived. We asked continually to meet with the doctor on staff but we would not make arrangements to meet us. We even started manning my dad’s room to be there from 6:00 AM til 9:00 PM. No doctor.

My dad had a follow-up neurologist appointment. We wanted his records printed for the neurologist. We asked a week before the appointment. They gave us instructions but when we followed them,

they told us the only person allowed to approve the release was on vacation. After our insistence, they copied a different patient’s records and gave them to us!!

According to the Medicare, you are allowed two weeks follow-up AND the nurse who released us told us that if he had physical issues, he should return. We called two days later to ask for our “LIFT” order and they told us since my father was released,

they no longer was obligated to help us. This is the worst nightmare we have ever experienced. I would recommend not taking your loved one to Wellbridge of Rochester until they work on their processes and client/patient relationship.

(248) 218-4800

252 Meadowfield Dr. Rochester Hills, MI, 48307