Complaint Against a Service United States

Wellmade Floor Coverings International

1. Contact/Site information

Roger L Hinson, home number

Jacksonville FL

2. Copy of your flooring receipts

Attached to this email.

3. Room’s affected and approximate number of planks being affected.

The flooring is in 85% of the house. All of dining room, all living room, entry way, hall way and in two bedrooms.

The problem is in the dinning room, living room, hallway and one bedroom, so far. I believe the problem will get worse in other areas as well.

4. Was the floor professionally installed, or self-installed?

Professionally installed. Glued down.

5. If professionally installed, a copy of the original installation receipt if possible

Do not have and can not reach the business.

6. Pictures of affected areas. (Please show the surrounding walls if possible, it will allow us to get a better perspective of the flooring layout to help you more intelligently.)

Country United States
State Oregon
City Wilsonville
Address 26100 SW 95th Ave Suite 205
Phone 1 503-582-0848