Complaint Against a Service

Wells Fargo / Bill Pay

On 10/19/18, I scheduled a payment through Wells Fargo Bill Pay for Conexis Wage Works for $1, 188.50. This was sent by bill pay on 10/22/18 in the form of a check.

This was to pay medical insurance for both my husband and myself for Cobra medical insurance. Through emails with Conexis for continuing medical coverage, Conexis indicated that they had not received the November 2018 premium for $1, 188.50.

On 11/7/18 I contacted Wells Fargo Bill Pay and the person that I spoke with looked up the Conexis payment that was sent on 10/22/18 and was able to tell that the check had not been cashed. Claim [protected] was created. At this point, I thought that the original check would be stopped and reissued to Conexis Wage Works.

What happened is that the stop payment was not issued by Wells Fargo until 11/13/18 and the check was reissued on 11/7/18 but to Cox Communications for $1, 188.50. This was done by Wells Fargo Bill Pay in error and not by either myself or my husband.

When I received the email from Wells Fargo Bill Pay on 11/8/18 and saw that the payment for $1, 188.50 was sent to Cox Communications instead of Conexis Wage Works, I called immediately.

Claim [protected] was created. I was told by the person on the phone that the check would be reissued to Conexis Wage Works but that I would have to deal with Cox Communications since it had already been sent electronically. This was not my error but rather Wells Fargo Bill Pay but apparently, I was the one that had to resolve Wells Fargo Bill Pay error.

The check was reissued to Conexis Wage Works on 11/9/18 for $1, 188.50 and was finally received by Conexis Wage Works on 11/23/18. If the check had not been received by Conexis Wage Works by 11/26/18, I was going to call and pay again as we cannot afford to go without medical insurance.

I called Cox Communications and was told that I needed to provide confirmation of payment as well as a bank statement. I went into the bank to get confirmation of payment but the banker that provided the confirmation basically said that this was my issue and not Wells Fargo.

During one of my many calls to Bill Pay, the person contacted Cox Communications and they were going to work on refunding $1, 188.50 electronically.

I have contacted Cox Communications a minimum of four times and have contacted Wells Fargo a minimum of seven times, including going physically into the branch twice.

This does not include the communication with Conexis Wage Works. At one point in time, my account was $3, 565.50 less (check issued on 10/22/18 but not stopped until 11/13/18, check issued to Cox Communication on 11/8/18 and check issued to Conexis Wage Works on 11/8/18).

Please see how many times I have called, gone into the branch and called Cox Communications. This is absolutely ridiculous and I have been made to feel like this was my fault.

I was told by a male banker prior to talking to Tyler Lawrence, bill pay supervisor, today that this was my error and that Wells Fargo would not put the money back in my account.

Tyler said that he was going to try to locate the voice tapes to see what happened because from what he can see, it appears that I was the one that requested payment to Cox Communications for $1, 188.50. Tyler said that if this was a bank error, then Wells Fargo would credit the money back to my account.

I would be notified via message on Bill Pay. If the voice tapes cannot be located, I believe that Wells Fargo has an even bigger problem that they need to resolve.

I have spent numerous time and effort on this and it is still not resolved after almost three weeks. I feel that Wells Fargo does not care about my business and we have been long-time clients.

I also feel that basically, you get bankers that read the prepared script and they are all going to help but I am not seeing the results so far. The way that this was handled is not acceptable. This also doesn’t discuss what would have happened if we didn’t have the funds to cover this situation.


Susan Sedillo

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