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Wells Fargo / Erroneous Credit Reporting

I received a letter back in late September stating that I was late on my payment and incurred a late fee. I ignored it because I thought it was an error since my payments are never late. I received another letter about a month later and this time it showed that I incurred a late fee.

I became concerned and contacted customer service, who after reviewing my account, mentioned that one of my payments wasn’t applied properly due to when it was received. I was told that they will fix the issue and reverse the late fees.

Needless to say, I called a total of 4 times (twice on 11/21/18, once on 12/21/18 and once on 1/5/19), but the problem has yet to be fixed. As if this wasn’t bad enough, these erroneous late payments were reported on my credit report, causing my score to tank significantly! I immediately called upon notice, but was unable to be helped because the “business dept” was closed. I requested for someone to call me immediately on the next business day and have yet to receive a phone call.

Wells Fargo Customer Service
420 Montgomery Street
San Francisco, CA
United States – 94104
+1 800 378 0575