Complaint Against a Service United States

Werka Financial

Took out 3 small loans through them for 50 dollars to build my credit up… paid them back in a timely manner. Last loan was for 150 and sent them a money order to their box number in colorado..,, applied for a loan and found out I was on a list for the last loan… called the guy named rick who handled all the loan info…. told me they didn’t get the money order for the repay so I went to the post office and sent out the amount to pay off the loan over night mail… next day I called Rick to verify that they got the money order and he said did you send the late payment…

I wanted off the “list ” so I could get a loan so I had them take it off my card that I get my social security on and they promptly did… 2 months later on 12/1/20 went to pay my utility bill and my card was refused as insufficiant funds. Came home and checked it and Werka Financial driving had debted 221.00 on my card… I have no signed contracts let alone loans with them… Plain and simple fraud on their part … Found out when speaking with my bank that they also tried 3 different times to take money from my checking for limo service in Utah…. I haven’t been out of Iowa like forever let alone to get limo service and my bank refused it… these men who own this company are con artist….

Country United States
State Colorado
City Denver
Address 1150 Syracuse Street 14-262
Phone (303) 847-6246