Complaint Against a Service

Wesbank / a vehicle which was financed by wesbank in 2008

2007 HDI PEUGEOT 207 was financed for R193K according to my statements I had already paid off the contractual amount and I was left with the residual of R35k.
I could not refinance the residual amount as I was unemployed at the time however I was willing to negotiate repaying the amount monthly of which I started paying 10k Wesbank denied receiving this amount now they are taking legal action against me for a vehicle that they repossessed furthermore they keep on selling my debt to attorneys who have advised me that they knew nothing about the vehicle or to go back to the bank and get clarity every time I contact the Wesbank legal department they don’t answer the phone.
1 – I request a reprint of the monthly statements
2- Why were my statements deleted from the system
3- According to the monthly statements I had paid off the contractual amount.
4- I am willing to discuss reactivation of the account on condition I receive the car back.
5-please advise on the direction I should take as I see so many oversights with the account.
Please treat this as a formal written complaint.