Complaint Against a Service

Walgreens / Pharmacy 1800 N Missouri Street, West Memphis Arkansas

In October I changed my pharmacy from Kroger’s to Fred’s on the advice of my Medicare Part D. Fred’s filled on order (8) prescriptions before Walgreens closed the store. I went to have my next months prescription filled (November) at Walgreens in West Memphis and they did not have all my prescription and the cost was doubled for 5 of 8.

I told them I did not want them filled there anymore. It was kayoed in the Pharmacy. I contacted another Pharmacy and they told me to contact Walgreens and have them turn my medications back in so my insurance would pay at another Pharmacy.

I called Walgreens Pharmacy 3 times, the first two times I held for 23 minutes before someone picked up and they hung up the phone. The third time I got through and had them turn them back in. The Pharmacist told me to have the other pharmacy to call them and they would transfer information to them.

The other pharmacy tried to contact them for three days and finally gave up due to long waits and being hung up on. I had 8 refills left. I had to contact my doctor to get another set of prescriptions to the other pharmacy. Now I only have two refills.

When I spoke to the pharmacist at Walgreens the one time I got through, I asked here about all the problems there (Kayos) and she just said tell me about it. That place needs. I will never use Walgreens Pharmacy.

Walgreens Customer Service
Walgreen Co., 200 Wilmot Rd., MS #2002
Deerfield, IL
United States – 60015