Complaint Against a Service

West Springfield Auto Care

Rip off, follows no warranty:   I am not happy with this store. I have a Toyota Camry, My ignition lock was having a problem. I was not able to start the car.

Last month they changed the ignition lock with a very high labor rate. About 270$ only for labor and material around  $180 with 3-month labor warranty and 1 yr part warranty.

In my view, the part was defective because it starts nicely but after some time I can’t take out the key. Within one month I took the car to them. In the morning the representative told me it was a part issue and they will change it.

In the afternoon when I went there, they said it was oil issue someone put several months ago and they cleaned it again and charges 58$ and still not fixed. They didn’t maintain their own warranty.

Two issues: rip off, the labor 270 is very high compared to the market. I checked in a nearby store, they say it would be 110. Even In Toyota dealership, the charge with labor and parts is 359$.

(703) 912-2900
8400 Old Keene Mill Rd Springfield, VA 22152