Complaint Against a Service

Western Express

My packing and loading were originally scheduled for two days.  One the first day, the crew arrived three hours late without any notice.  Now from my experience, this is pretty typical of moving companies so par for the course.

On the second day, however, they didn’t arrive until 5:00 pm, nine hours late, without any notice.  I spent most of my day trying to get ahold of their customer service and didn’t have any answer on their estimated arrival until 3:00 pm.

This was the first red flag.  Unfortunately again, the crew didn’t bring a large enough truck or enough supplies to finish on the second day (bleeding into the below incompetence category now).  On the third day, the crew just didn’t bother to show up at all even though Dennis (the crew chief) had promised to arrive no later than 10:00 am.

Once again, I spent most of my day on the phone with customer service trying to figure out when they’d arrive. On the fourth day, all my stuff was finally packed and loaded; however, I’m a single medical professional and had to miss two extra days of work.

Fast forward one month, I’m now moving into my new house.  Once again, they failed to show up on their scheduled delivery date…twice…and was not noticed preemptively on either instance so I had to cancel, last minute, multiple work meetings and clinic, significantly inconveniencing my patients.

Now I wish the story stopped there; however, a third of my possessions (~2,000 lbs) were missing on the first delivery attempt, and it would be a whole additional month before I would see the rest of my belongings…well…minus the items that were permanently lost ($700 speaker and headboard for matching bedroom set).

During this month, I communicated, or attempted to communicate, almost daily with multiple individuals in their customer service and dispatch divisions.  In every single instance, and I wish this were an exaggeration, that someone said they would call me back, they never did…not one single time.

Let’s talk about the movers themselves.  Dennis, mentioned above, directly lied to my face about his plans to show up on the third day of my pack/load and didn’t bother to notify me.

Another mover broke one of my tables and didn’t bother telling me.  Instead, I walked upstairs after they were done on Day #1 to find my table shattered and sitting in their trash pile.  One of the destination movers was actually a tree trimmer that they picked up as extra labor to move me in.

And the pack job they performed was laughable at best.  They appear to have known that wardrobe boxes were indeed meant for clothes; however, they did not realize wardrobe boxes should have a bar across the top so they just through all my hang-up clothes in them.

Also, found an empty Diet Coke can litter in my clothes as well.  For my kitchen items, no consideration was taken regarding the weight of the items when packing; heavier items were routinely found on top of light breakable one.

Open olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette bottles were packed and completely soaked through one of the boxes.  Also found my personal toiletries were wrapped with a plunger and toilet brush.

For the leather couches, they just wrapped these in industrial saran wrap instead of padding their corners, and not surprisingly, the corners were damaged.

Because the crew Western Express sent to deliver my household goods (attempt one) failed to pad the legs on my chest of drawers, I now have gouges requiring spackling on all three of my walls of my freshly painted stairwell leading to my second floor.

The review above is incredibly verbose, I know, and I’d be surprised if anyone makes it through it all, but I hope it expresses my extreme frustration with this company.

Avoid them at all costs.  If any of the executives at Western Express read this review, I’d be happy to discuss my experience with them in further detail.

(855) 558-6683

9900 Fallard Ct Upper Marlboro, MD 20772