Complaint Against a Service USA

Westgate Dental Care

WestGate Dental care has been known to be one of the best and has been in ranked in the top five. This, honestly I don’t know how it happened as I had a really bad experience with them.

They are a scam and they cheat people all the time and unfortunately I also had to have that experience in order to know that people working for West gate dental care are cheaters and unprofessional doctors.

The place is very small and is nothing like the pictures displayed on their website. They have the worst furniture, everything is old and dusty and the floor is filled with muddy footprints.

The lady at the reception counter is very rude and judgemental. She has no manners and no ethics either. She constantly kept staring at me and called me an irresponsible person just because I asked my friend to pay and that was because I had cash that I thought would be enough for the dental consultation but turns out it was a lot more than what I had assumed.

No other dental clinic has ever charged me such an amount. The lady said we had to wait ten minutes as the doctor had gone out for lunch and this was at six in the evening. The doctor came after forty five minutes of us waiting.

He was a very inexperienced dentist. He made assumptions about my teeth and said that I would have to get a surgery done which I later found out as something very unnecessary.

The doctor did nothing to my teeth and he gave no medications either. He asked me to visit him again the next day for the surgery but I went and consulted a different dentist who said I just had a small cavity and it would be fixed with cement. Westgate dental care is very bad.