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Whataburger / Breakfast

When will Whataburger move into the 20th century, never mind the 21st. I’m ready for breakfast to be served 24hrs. When I go in the morning before 11, I am served after 11. When I go 11pm, I am served after 11. I went in 5 mins before 11pm, was told they do not serve before 11. The line was at least 15 mins long. I get out of line and wait until 11, go back, place my order, it takes 15 mins to get the food. This makes no sense to me that they could not take my order at 5 mins til 11 so I could get it 10 mins after. I love the BOBs, I have been a loyal customer for 40 years, but I am ready to find a competitor.

Whataburger Customer Service

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San Antonio, TX
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