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I’m Kristopher campfield I am a employee at whataburger and I basically just got fired for asking a question the supervisor Michael olopauy or how ever you spell his name got mad because I asked who is going to come in because we are short staffed and the people who are here are going home soon

and told me if I can’t do the job to just go home so the manager who was in tonight asked me to make two grill cheese sandwiches and Michael once again got mad told me to go home so I called my mom and he told me to clock out and don’t bother coming back until he ask me too
That store needs all the help they can get but no he decide to come in change the schedule that was already made cut hours, days and took people off the schedule

Now I’ve been working here since thanksgiving it’s not the best store but i try to be friendly to every one but one thing I won’t tolerate from anybody is disrespect and Michael olopauy is very rude and disrespectful and don’t care about nobody but his self he doesn’t even care if we are sick he still wants us to be at work that’s not fair at all but if you can please help me with this situation I will greatly appreciate it

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