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Whataburger / Wrong order

My pregnant wife goes out to get food for us because my 10mo old baby is sleeping on me. She gets back after 30-45 minutes. She ordered me a #2 like I always get. The burger is cold, it has 1 patty instead of 2 and to top it all off the fries are the bottom of the barrel dregs that should have been thrown away. Having been a manager in fast food myself, I know exactly how long certain items are good for before you throw out the old product. This is outrageously unacceptable! I have to nuke my food because it’s cold, on top of being wrong! Honestly I should not have had to pay for this at all. But I did, it is over with. I expect a member of management to get in contact with me about this. I am a very upset customer.

General Manager: Lauren Bunch
Location: 1134 Pat Booker Rd. Universal City, TX 78148
Order: 564935
Cashier: Tamara R.

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