Complaint Against a Service

Wheaton Service Center

My fiance and I had just bought our first VW and were hoping to find a trusting dealer to help with repairs. We were thrilled that there was a place just 3 blocks from our new home.

She brought the car in and after her 1-hour visit, she wished to never return because Tom made her feel uncomfortable.

I supported this and did not like the things he had said so I picked up the car when it was finished. When he found out who my fiance was he proceeded to make very inappropriate remarks about her.

This was so unprofessional and I wished to not interact with him again. On top of that he did not order my part in time and had to keep it an extra day and I had to take off work another due to no transportation and he provided no discount or compensation.

1 month later I called to see if I could have one of the service workers install a part for me that I had purchased somewhere else. His reply was so condescending as to why they would want to install something that was not purchased from them.

I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars, therefore, I am pretty trusting when I am told information about mine and he made me feel belittled with his rude reply.

I would encourage people to try and look for other places before using Toms poor communication style that make people feel uncomfortable and not trust their judgment.

(301) 949-3144
11321 Fern St Wheaton, MD 2090