Complaint Against a Service United States

Wheel Warehouse

We, xI purchased a set of custom US Mag wheels from Gene Tjin at Wheel Warehouse. These wheels are custom made for each customer. There are several factors that are crucial to any and every wheel build, probably the most important one being offset and backspacing. These figures must be known to ensure that the wheels fit correctly. I’m learning this after the fact unfortunately. When I ordered the wheels I told Gene exactly what I was looking for and I sent him pictures. I explained that the wheels MUST tuck inside the fender as my truck is lowered and the body would rub/cut into tires if they stick out past the fender well.

For this to happen, you must know what backspacing and offset you need. Gene however failed to even mention this so I’m not sure how the wheels were even made. Obviously it was just guessed at. There is no standard number, every vehicle and application is different.Unfortunately I didn’t know this at the time I ordered my wheels. That is Genes job. He is the professional. He is suppose to ensure that all aspects of the build are gone over, just like a recipe there is a certain way to make the wheels fit like I requested. Since it was never discussed, of course two months later the wheels arrive at my door and guess what? The wheels stick out past the fender. This will not work on my truck so I just spent $4250 on wheels that I can’t use!!!! After informing Gene that the wheels are wrong, he then tells me basically sorry bout your luck Jackie. He refuses to make the wheels right because it will cost him money. So basically because he failed to do his job I’m just stuck with a set of $4250 useless wheels.

After much convincing he agrees to refund my money but not until I ship them back to him and he receives them. I’m just supposed to trust that he will pay. Even though he wouldn’t trust that I would send them and go ahead and refund me. So he gets the wheels back and there are minor dings and scratches, all from normal use. Simply having them on the truck for a very short period of time. He also claims that 3 out of 4 are bent……, Yes bent! Because of this he now tells me that he can’t refund my money. The bottom line here is none of this would have happened if he had done his job correctly to begin with. As it stands he has the wheels and my money. I’m beside myself that this is even a discussion but it speaks volumes about his character and the company’s way of operating. Oh I forgot to mention that when I first spoke with Gene to order the tires he upcharged me over $1000 more than what the wheels were advertised for.

They were too low he said. Unbelievable. please help me,this is wrong. Surely there is something that can be done. They need to make the wheels right or refund my money. That’s the right thing to do. A reputable company would never treat their customers this way

Country United States
State California
City Orange
Address 805 West Katella Avenue
Phone 714.772.1281