Complaint Against a Service United States

Whirlpool Corporation — defective hot water heater

I’ve been having to deal with a defective Whirlpool hot water heater for quite some time. Whirlpool customer service hasn’t been helpful at all. My nephew has tried to assist me and has sent pictures. They claim the hot water heater is in the bathroom and the pictures wasn’t good which is total non sense.

I resent pictures clearly showing the hot water heater is located in the laundry room which is totally separate from the bathroom and it shows in the pictures that the hotwater heater is located near the dryer and the washing machine which anyone in their right mind should know a toilet and bathtub isn’t located in the laundry room.

I’m tired of the back and fourth with Whirlpool customer service and has been trying to get assistance regarding another hotwater heater since it’s still under warranty. I’m also going to file a complaint against Whirlpool with the Better business bureau.