Complain Aganist a Person

Whitney Englander — scam artist

Disgusting Child Predator

Beware of Whitney Englander aka Whitney Oneill Englander aka Whitney Oneill.
Whitney Englander aka Whitney Oneill aka Whitney Oneill Englander is a low down, sociopath.
She has, fir many years, posed as a so-called activist. However, in reality, Whitney Englander is a still a filthy crack addict and a secret child predator.

She used to be a resident at the notorious Pasadena Recovery Center, where she was an addict back in 2004 and used her smoked out, mishappen, deformed [***] to turn tricks, manipulate other residents into causing problems on her behalf, and always made trouble for everyone.

All these years later, nothing has changed.
Whitney Englander is still a manipulative, scam artist, thief, crack head junkie, liar, and a dirty little twit, but now an OLD, dirty little twit.
In fact, she is such a scammer, that she goes around to different court buildings and files unwarranted, falsified law suits against people, in order to make extra money.
She files false accusations against people, pretends to have them served, and then proceeds in court without their knowledge, in order to illegaly win judgments against them.
Her actions are illegal.

She is nothing but a small time con artist and druggie.
She is ugly inside and out.
Beware of this woman.
Here is her birthdate and home address, just in case anyone is interested in giving her some street justice:
15220 Valleyheart Drive
Sherman Oaks, California.
She was born on 11/20/79.

15220 Valleyheart Drive, Sherman Oaks, US