Complaint Against a Service

WhyNotLeaseIt / unable to get an explantion

I applied for a lease thru these people but they are unable to or refuse to explain to me why they denied me, the only phone numbers have been automated recordings and an automated system.

when I emailed they still refuse to give me an explanation as to why they denied an application for a lease, that says no credit check required, minimum age 18 years of age etc. and I was standing in front of the Sears Home Store Rep.

giving him all of my info. and they still denied me. all decisions final?? I asked for a manager or supervisor to call me via email so to no avail I still can’t get an answer or why I can’t rectify the situation by giving the additional information need to get a lease approved.

This whole way of doing business is not customer friendly and certainly a scam when they say no credit check required but then when they can’t verify anything supposedly they deny you and don’t give you the opportunity to get the info required to them.

It’s no wonder Sears is going out of business No Thanks to this company.

1750 Elm Street Suite 1200
Manchester, NH
United States – 03104
+1 603 665 9000