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This company must be sue for their fraud, they are suppose to send me check of 120 they never send, I was keeping track of it by calling every time, first they said it’s on way, next they said I have cashed the check, but I never recieve, it so keep calling them after 2 weeks they said someone have cashed it, I ask them copy of the check, after so many call and hassel, the sebd me image, but I don’t see any name sing on back of check, but they deny to pay, it look like they have cashed the check, or some kind of big scam is going on to make people fool, need to sue this company, plz anyone do. Plz help stop their scam in this country.

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Complaint Against a Service


My husband and I leased a dining table from the sears why not lease it program. Are biweekly payments were set up through automated payments on our bank account.lately on our two last payments I realized that not only am I getting charged the monthly fee but an additional $10 and $5.

Due to our concern, we reached out to customer service and they said that we are getting charged those additional charges because when they have tried to withdraw the money there were insufficient funds in the account, that being said I visited my bank where I have proof that there were funds in the account.

And the company has been trying to take my payments out a day before the due date!!! I spoke to Mark a supervisor that couldn’t even explain why the auto and system was charging me a day before my due dates. He even insisted it was incorrect!

I would like for those 20 extra dollars that have been collected from my account to be refunded back to me! Thats a rip off. Above I attached proof that my last payment was on 11/9 yet the company tried to access the funds on 11/8

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1750 Elm Street Suite 1200 Manchester New Hampshire United States – 03104