Complaint Against a Service

One of your managers at dollor Tree in Milwaukee, Wi on Maxwell street / One of the Managers in this store is constantly arguing with the customers.

There is a Manager in this store that is constantly arguing with the customers. Today while I was shopping inside the store. There was only one cashier that was trying to service a line of customers and the line was going way back to the end of the store.

When I saw another worker there breaking down boxes myself and another customer asked her (Cynthia ) if she would open up another register and she yelled at us and said that she was busy breaking down boxes and no she would not be open up another line.

She was actually yelling and was very rude. # different people were complaining about her attitude and the long line. Cynthia the manager said that she didn’t care who was complaining and that she had other things better to do than to open up another register.

She also was arguing with another customer about why she didn’t have to open up another line. There were other women in the store that stated that this lady was arguing with her yesterday for the same reason.

this manager is very unprofessional and does not has customer skills or a good attitude with other. One lady told her that she is in the wrong neighborhood to have such a [censored] attitude.,. This is not what Dollar Tree’s customer service should represent. This lady (Cynthia needs some type of class on customer service.

When I told her that I was going to call the corporate office with concerns about her attitude and the way that she was talking to the customers she stated that “she didn’t care”. so apparently she doesn’t really care about her job.

I vowed that I would contact your company concerning this incident and this is why I am contacting you in regards to this matter. You may feel free to contact me for further information, My name is Selena Green [protected]