Complaint Against a Service USA

Wild Bill Wholesale

The truly sad part is, i bombarded them with the email and phone calls and actually had a response and phone conversation late last year with Bill.

I then received a partial order of product i had ordered with the promise from Bill i would receive a credit for what i had not received. I received the site or store credit, used the credit for a new order, did receive another partial order with about another $70 worth of items not shipped.

That was on January 26th! Here we are almost 4 months later and i have never had any hint of full filling my order. How would anyone ever trust Wild Bill’s enough to ever place another order? The boat of business floats on the surface of trust, which the bill has broken many times how will anyone order from them if they do not care enough about their customers
The company who i order from now has an amount of product available for order in stock at the time the order is placed. I receive my orders from them in 3-5 days always. They are 2,500 miles from me. That is what customer service is all about. Wild Bill’s also continues to send out emails from Constant Contact who tracks how many customers view and open the emails. I have given up on my last order and I know i will never order from them again, they have ruined their business!

If this helps one potential customer from being taken advantage of then it was worth the time to write this review. Wild Bill’s, (Wendy & Bill) I don’t understand what you are doing and you should be completed ashamed of the way you have treated all your past customers. I would like to request the people who are reading this review to do not trust completely on all the good reviews if they would be good enough why would I be here complaining.