Complaint Against a Service United States

Wild Model Agency — agency representation

They blast a New Faces post on craigslist and just offer every reply representation. They then ask you to fill out paperwork including your signature (I didn’t fill out social or banking or address portion).

“STEPHANIE” is the new faces rep and no one answers the phone in any department at any location: that’s booking dept, new faces, and billing at 3 locations- all dead extensions with a robot answering machine.

Their instagram is curated with random peoples photos that they don’t even represent and their site is filled with video clip links that are either no longer active or just pulled from Youtube of actors and models they do not represent. No one has called me back and they don’t have an address listed in LA. If they did I’d go in.

I just don’t get how people like this sleep at night. If you have any more info regarding this agency I’d love your input. Thank you to everyone else who’s taken the time to share