Complaint Against a Service United States

Wild Women Haulers LLC

I made the error of hiring the company called, Wild Woman Haulers to pick up a new horse I had purchased from Ohio to be hauled (transported) to California. I deeply regret my decision in doing so and really dismayed at how they are handling the situation. I have requested a full refund for a trip that ended up being canceled but Wild Woman Haulers has yet to return the $2000.00 that I paid them. On September 16th, 2020, I messaged a rep through Facebook Messenger, asking when the next trip through Ohio would be.

The Rep answered they could pick up my Mare on the Sept 28th, 2020. The next few messages were working out the price, which we settled on $2k if I was to book the trip. In writing, the rep told me the trip needed to be Paid in Full via Paypal and wrote, “I would be fully protected and I had cancelation rights.” She did not mention anything about the $250 “cancellation fee”, the moment I sent my money. That didn’t come up until several days later when they sent their contract over. On Sept 18th, 2020, I checked in a Wild Woman Hauler rep about the trip from Ohio to California. I asked if it was still happening on Sept the 28th. The time frame was a time-sensitive matter to me, the pickup date was important. The rep confirmed that was still the pickup day.

I rushed to have a veterinarian in Ohio to do an Exam and to get the Health Certificate and Coggins on time for this trip. Once I got all the health paperwork completed with the horse, I sent the payment to Wild Woman Haulers the same day as the vet visit that was on Tues, Sept 22nd. On Weds Sept 23rd I reached out to confirm they had received it. I got a thumbs up from their rep over Messenger. Getting closer to the pickup day, on Thursday, September 24th, I sent a message to the WWH rep asking for a confirmation for a pickup time on for Monday, Sept 28th. The next day, on Friday the 25th, I got a one-line response telling me I would get a window by that night. On Friday NIGHT, the previous owner of the mare who was in Ohio was getting a bit anxious since the pickup was supposed to be in just a few days. She needed to re-arrange her own schedule to be home for the hauler on Sept 28th so asked me if I had a timeframe.

I inquired once again to the WWH rep, and she coldly replied that I would be the first to know. Finally on, Saturday, Sept 26th (today) the WWH Rep contacted me and said the pickup would not be happening until sometime between Oct 6th and Oct 8th and it was delayed due to fires. I understand this could be a valid reason but at no point did anyone contact me to give a heads up that the date may change due to the fires. They never gave me written or verbal notice of this. The WWH rep had the nerve to say “I can’t control the fires.” That is when things started to go downhill and they handled it like I was at fault. I was spoken down to and told that I was the one in the wrong for not carefully reading my contract when it was NEVER communicated to me that there were fires delaying the trip, nor was I ever told that the expected drop off date to California “around the 10th of October.”

The WWH rep said my Mare would have been on a horse trailer for 10 to 12 days if they would have picked her up on Sept 28th (as promised) which they never disclosed to me. A typically haul across the country is 4 to 5 days max. I would have never agreed to a 10 or more day haul. After the negative back and forth I received from them, I decided that this was not a company I wanted to haul my new Mare. The second I requested to cancel the WWH threw in my face that there was a $250 non-refundable deposit that I agreed to in my contract, which contradicts what the WWH told me in writing on Sept 16th which was, “I would be fully protected paying via Paypal and I had cancellation rights.” In our exchanges I told WWH’s I did not think the $250 cancellation was fair but that I would agree with it since I signed a contract after the fact but needed the rest of my money refunded as soon as possible, so I could use it to book a different hauler to bring her to CA. It has been over 72 hours and still no refund.

They are aware the issue is time-sensitive and they know that they did not perform any good or services to me and that they got plenty of notice for the cancelation. I am hesitant to think this company will refund any of my money based on how they are handling things so I had to let them know I am pursuing this as a legal matter and will be filing several reports online about their unprofessional conduct. Please be careful when booking your animal through Wild Women Haulers about the dates, about paying your money to them and ever expecting a refund if you need to cancel, and about keeping your horse on a trailer with 10 other horses for over 10 days.

Country United States
State California
City Shingle Springs
Address 5001 Bonanza Auto Road
Phone 530-368-4379