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William Portuese, MD — Ruined My Face Forever

My experience with Dr. William Portuese was a total nightmare. He did a total facelift and ruined my face forever and then he had the b***s to tell me that he should have told me that I needed two facelifts, not one. I wouldn’t recommend him to my worst enemy. All the other plastic surgeons told me that he is a fraud and that I never needed two facelifts. He also left me with lumps from fat, scars, festoons under my eyes which were not there before the surgery and mutilated ears. This doctor has ruined and butchers more women’s faces and lives than should ever be allowed. He refuses to answer my emails for a reimbursement to correct all of the sloppy work that he had done to me. I wish I would have done a Google search and would have found the complaints on and his bad reviews before he put his nasty hands on my face. The most incompetent doctor. Please do your research before you hire this monster. He should be put in jail and lose his license for committing fraud.

Dr. William Portuese
1101 Madison St #1280
Seattle, WA, 98104 USA