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Windstream Communications

When our internet goes out there is no urgency to fix the issue. We are at a time when people are working from home and students digital learning

Our internet went out April 24th and I notified them as soon as it happened. The earliest someone could come repair the issue was April 30th. This impacted work and school. I had to call several times for the service date to be moved to April 28th

Internet went out Sunday July 26th. I called as soon as it happened and I was told someone would be out on August 1st. I called several times and got the date to be moved earlier and the best was July 29th. This impacted my work.

Internet went out August the 6th, called as soon as it happened and was told the earliest someone could come is a week later in August 13th. This is impacting my work and kids school.

The internet speed and bandwidth is very poor, the extreme decline started after the April 25 outage. I have asked for support and I have been told there is nothing that can be done

When our internet goes out and I call it takes too long for someone to address, this impacts my work and my kids school. How am I supposed to pay my bills if internet is going down? How are my kids supposed to do digital learning when the internet is down?
When we used our data from our phones we went over our data plan which I was charged over $400 in April and in July.
The anxiety of not having the internet for work cannot get a price tag.

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