Complaint Against a Service

Windward Ford

Our vehicle requires recall work to be accomplished. The first attempt at getting this work done we scheduled the appointment, dropped the vehicle off and took their shuttle home.

Later that morning we received a call informing us that they didn’t have the part and that they would not be able to complete the job. I don’t understand how this is possible with modern technology in parts tracking.

We had coordinated to miss part of a workday and to have a babysitter just to deliver the vehicle and the services department wasted our time.

The second attempt we made to get our recall work accomplished was worse. We dropped our vehicle off at 8 AM and were told to expect a late afternoon phone call when it was done.

At 5 PM I called and no one answered. It took about 3 attempts and someone in sales finally answered. I finally got a hold of services and they informed me that the “didn’t have time” to get to my vehicle so I would need to reschedule.

They didn’t even have the guts to call me and tell me. They were about to close, which would have crippled our plans for the next day since they would have in essence taken our vehicle hostage with not even as much as a phone call.

Lastly, when I got home, I noticed their parting shot was the gift of a door ding on the driver side door. When you have no way to prove it and no customer service on the other end you

simply left paying the bill. We have bounced around car brands over the years and we really wanted to support Ford out of principle. Windward Ford is a complete and utter disaster.

We won’t even consider Ford in the future based on how bad their service is. Corporate Ford allowing Windward Ford to operate is proof enough the Ford does not value customers.

DO NOT do business with Windward Ford. You will only be frustrated and appalled at the service.

(808) 266-7000

725 Kailua Rd Kailua, HI, 96734