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This involved the Sun City Center Store, Fl (#0619). last Thursday, May 9, I saw in the Produce Dept a sign over the Honey Crisp Apples $1.99 /lb 1/2 price regularly $3.99 /lb. Since I never had eaten this type of Apple, I decided to purchase one of them. At the register, it rung up at $3.99 /lb. I went back to the sign thinking that I had made a mistaken, but I did not. In fact, an employee working in that area looked at my receipt and the store sign and told me to go to Customer Service for an adjustment. The blonde lady at Customer Service looked through the circular and could not find the advertised price. So, she went back to the Produce Dept to examine the sign. She returned to me and said there was no sign there and that I must have been mistaken. I could not believe what she was saying so I returned with her to the Produce Dept where she pointed out to me that there was no sign. If I did not go back a second time, I would have thought that that I was mistaken. It is so obvious that she removed the sign and basically implied that I did not know what I was seeing. I asked to speak to the Manager and she called for an employee called Chris. He was very accommodating and gave me the difference when I told him what had happened. I was furious as to the stunt that this lady pulled on me. She tried to make a fool of me. I was very upset in the way this lady treated me. You can bet that I will never return to this store again. She should not be working in customer service since she has no idea what the words mean. I should not have been insulted because the store made an error. You can count me out as a customer since I do not need this type of aggravation in my life. Lucy C.

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