Complaint Against a Service United States

Wisconsin’s Finest, Inc.

We contacted Whitehall Specialties cheese in Wisconsin to purchase cheese for export they didn’t let us buy from them direct and later on we were contacted by Wisconsin Finest Cheese saying we should buy from them. We purchased few times and as our business grew, we required credit terms. They never gave us credit and forced us to send to them our clients.

After few shipments, they started to do money laundering with our shipments, adding huge amounts of mark ups and sending them to Arabs living in the USA and not paying any commissions to us after making us train them all our expertise, give them our clients contacts, and copy all our modus operandi after years of work. The case also comprehended physical violence against us which made us suspect the company is associated with international organized crime.

The crimes were reported to the authorities in Texas and in other countries but no solution still provided. The company embezzled millions of dollars from us on sales and thousands of dollars on income. The tactics used were violent and involved also lots of slandering and defammation against us.

Country United States
State Texas
City Plano
Address P.O. Box 940425
Phone 972-422-5667