Complaint Against a Service United States / Daily giveaways

I have emailed several times and received similar responses explaining what the daily giveaway is and I keep explaining that I know what it is because my husband has the app as well as I do and I watch him as he gets the daily giveaways and us able to try and get them I do not have the gift box icon on my phone and I have had this app for quite some time. My husband just barely got it a few weeks ago. Why do I not get this icon on my phone? We have the same phone. I just want the gift box icon on my phone as well. I have been ordering a lot from wish but I am about to just stop because no one will help me and when I try to call they say the extention is not available at this time. It says it everytime I call. I even left my number on email so someone could reach me. I don’t know what else to do. I would like to talk to an actually person over the phone and not just go through email because obviously I’m not being understood. Please help me with this. Customer Service

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