Australia Complaint Against a Service — Everything about

As well i m (was) a seller on !!!

Regardless Seller or Buyer!

As a seller you place items to sell – of course if a customer buys a product the seller has to Full fill the order! And this is all a seller can do!!
There is absolutely NO Control/Evidence whether the Items are getting shipped or NOT!

Once an order is placed by a customer it is completely in hands whether it get shipped or NOT!

I had a decent start first – after learning my lessons got better generated good sales, – one gentleman was asking where is my tracking number. Also no Respond to the costumer!
This is where i made my way through and dig into wish. – First i got Fined 3 Times over $50 because orders are not being Shipped?!!!
AGAIN: there is NO set up or anything a seller can do after placing the Items!

After digging i realised (unfortunately very late) that 99% of my the orders having no Tracking information even after 5 weeks passing! – Means more FINES for me!

After writing/asking to Wish support about it, take a wild guess: Respond NEXT to NOTHING!! Even now after one week.
Outsourcing the web about selling/customer issues I found out this seems to be a very BIG fraud against Seller&Buyer!
Having 14k on the clock – I started deleting all my Items – bit later one Gentleman from Columbia ordered 7 times the same item out of the blue!
The day after some items are still getting promoted?!!! for what?!

and few other orders suddenly popped up – most likely just that wish can charge me for deleting and given all the paying Customers the money back – I Sincerely HOPE that they all getting their hard earned $$$$ Back!!!

I don’t know what is anymore BUT i can’t wait to see them crushed like a cockroach in COURT!!!
The amount of complaints is unbelievable – worse people have been charged and praying to get the money back……!!

I SECOND THAT: Beware and stop using