Complaint Against a Service / frog necklace and frog earrings they was not sold as a set they are seperate pieces of jewelry

on 12/03 2018 i was trying to purchase a frog necklace and frog earrings for my neighbor for christmas i put those 2 items in my cart on wish went to pay everything appeared to go through just fine using my debit card later that day went back into wish to buy something else and my card was denied and the money for the frog items was refunded to my debit card now when i try to use my debit card on wish it tells me

i need a bank statement and other stuff that i dont remember what they were i do not have a bank as my disability goes on a debit card please help me fix this issue thank you please look into the problem and see why im being told you need to have a copy of my bank statement and whatever else was needed thank you i just want to be able to shop on wish without the headaches and hassles Customer Service
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