Complaint Against a Service United States / King size Bookcase Headboard in black wood

I which to cancel my order made on May 24, 2019. My order is “King size Bookcase Headboard in black wood” with total cost of $303.16.
Please see below.

Order ID: 5ce8007328c66732e21e8f1b

Shipping Address: 
Tarnue Collins 
1400 Colonial Ave. Apt F 26 
Apt F 26 
Bristol, Pennsylvania 19007 
United States

Payment Method: 
Credit Card
Visa: **** 4832
Zip/Postal Code: 19007

Payment Details: 
Item Total $274.00 
Shipping $12.00 
Tax $17.16 
Order Total $303.16

I need a bed frame ( the entire bed frame and not only the head board. If this is only a head board, please cancel the order… If it is the entire bead frame, you may disregard the cancelation)

I need a bed set… Return my money on my care and I need to, ake a new order.. Customer Service

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