Complaint Against a Service United Kingdom / Refund short of full shipping costs

Today, after a week of restarting the refund process over and again, asking all along for full shipping costs to be included in my full refund, Wish refunded me a total of £467 when my complete order total was £528.75. So they have left me short of £61.75. I want the total I paid put back to my bank in full please. 
This is not acceptable as I have had enough stress concerning this process already. It`s soul destroying when customer services keep sending you back the same automated response. I worked hard for the money I gave to your store seller. In return, he falsified information on the package label and left me completely short of my whole order. These sellers are very obviously dishonest and I even question customs for allowing that package through knowing full well, due to the weight and size that it was not containing what it stated it was. The whole set up is questionable. I am an honest person and to have people treat me in a way that I would not consider treated them leaves me feeling bitter about this site. 
You need to review this case Wish and god knows how many besides and ask yourselves if all these people who are tired of your dishonesty and bad customer services might benefit from you acknowledging them all to start with..
Trading standards have stated that I should keep a record of all communication so please note that this submission will be included in that file. Customer Service

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