Complaint Against a Service United States / trying to get replacement parts.

I don’t know where to begin with this. I have been asking to get replacement feet for over a month now. I have sent the requested proof of damage and now that it says it was delivered but not received. I have sent in a email chain that is out of control. The agents have been copy and pasting the responses to me asking for me to run around and jump through hoops and hurdles to get this fixed. I am so upset with the way things have been handled. Even in my last email the agent did not listen to my concern. Simple told me sorry and hope they can serve me better on my next order..WTF. 
I would love to have some contact with a live person. If I don’t have a resolution to the problem soon I will have no choice but to go and dispute the charge with my credit card company. I don’t want to do this but I do deserve to have a product that is complete. I am not asking for the world or anything out of the ordinary.

Please feel free to contact me back at any time to talk about this. Please do not send me any more copy and past emails. I spend a great amount of time in composing mine and can tell when it is a standard response. If you would like to see the tread of emails I would be more than happy to up load them. When going in and taking pictures of the conversations with WISH, it has come to my attention that I have also been talking to the same agent for several interactions. Mindless drones… Customer Service

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